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Travel Guru Rick Steves is my favorite source for current information on all locations in Europe.  You don’t need any other guide book in my opinion and the books are updated regularly.  

If your are joining one of our tours, I encourage you to read the Rick Steves guide for that country for a quick lesson on its history, culture, etiquette, currency and other general information.


Cozy mysteries (meaning not very violent or scary) are my favorite genre and I read lots of different series.

This series, by Laura Childs, is set in Charleston, SC (where our Antebellum Tea Tour begins) and has a great cast of characters.  You get a real sense of the South, and I enjoy the escapades of the tea room owner, her employees and regular customers.  

Book 1

Death by Darjeeling

Book 7

Blood Orange Brewing

Book 6

Chamomile Mourning

Book 5

The Jasmine Moon Murder

Book 4

The English Breakfast Murder

Books 1-3 in one volume

Tea For Three

Book 3

Shades of Earl Grey

Book 2

Gunpowder Green

Book 12

Scones and Bones

Book 11

The Teaberry Strangler

Book 10

Oolong Dead

Book 9

The Silver Needle Murder

Book 8

Dragonwell Dead

Book 17

Devonshire Scream

Book 16

Ming Tree Murder

Book 15

Steeped in Evil

Book 14

Sweet Tea Revenge

Book 13

The Agony of the Leaves

Book 18

Pekoe Most Poison


Tea Non-Fiction

Tea Themed Fiction

Tea Shop Mysteries

The Oxford Tea Room Mysteries, by H.Y. Hanna, are set, not surprisingly, in a small village near Oxford and features the university town prominently in the stories.  I read these just before my first trip to Oxford, and the references made my visit there even more interesting.  Some of the books are available only for Kindle, but you can download the reader for free for your phone or tablet.

Book 1

A Scone to Die For

Book 0 (prequel)

All Butter Shortdead

Book 6

Four Puddings & A Funeral

Book 5

 Muffins and Mourning Tea

Book 2

Tea with Milk and Murder

Book 3

Two Down, Bun to Go

Book 4

Til Death Us Do Tart

Book 1

Pancakes and Corpses

Book 2

Lemonade and Lies

Book 3

Doughnuts and Deception

Agatha Frost writes a fun little series, featuring a 30-something woman who owns a charming little cafe in the Cotswolds.  With a hunky inspector as her love interest, her granny as a crazy “assistant”, and a cast of other regular characters, the books leave me wishing I was a resident of the fictional village of Peridale.  

Book 4

Chocolate Cake and Chaos

Book 5

Shortbread and Sorrow

Book 6

Espresso and Evil

Book 7

Marcarons and Mayhem

Book 8

Fruitcake and Fear